Arizona Healing Rooms

Arizona Healing Rooms is an independent healing ministry that supports and encourages the body at large to partake in what the LORD is doing here. The ministry is based on the direction of the Lord JESUS and we will continue to follow and operate under HIS direction and leadership. We have seen throughout history many great men and women of God who have stepped out and trusted the LORD. They produced incredible results by allowing HIM to flow through them. Men and women like John G. Lake, Maria Woodworth-Etters, John Wesley, Charles Spurgeon, William Seymour, Smith Wigglesworth, Aimee Semple McPherson , Kathryn Kuhlman and many more who led incredible lives of miracles, signs and wonders in the United States and throughout the world . If the LORD did it through them, then HE will do it through us believers because of who HE is and the finished work HE accomplished.

The aim of this ministry is to heal the sick and set the captive free as a demonstration of the good news of the Kingdom of God. This is in line with Jesus’ own ministry and his commands (Matthew 4:23-24; Luke 4:18-19; 9:1-2).

We intend to encourage believers in developing their ability to minister to the sick and oppressed in order to assist churches to develop this ministry among their own congregations throughout Arizona and any other area that the LORD leads. In these ways miracles, signs and wonders will spread throughout the land as a testimony to Jesus.

Our vision is to see Healing Rooms established wherever the LORD leads while making our services accessible to the whole population of our nation. We partner with local churches and believers, and have a heart to bring Christians of different church backgrounds together as we move forward in the healing ministry.

Ultimately, we want to facilitate Arizona in becoming known as the healthiest state in the United States, and for people to come from all over to experience the healing power of God in their own lives and circumstances both spiritually and physically.

We want to see believers of all generations working together as we bring the healing power and reality of Jesus Christ to peoples lives.


1) The beautiful and unique part about YOU and the LORD is that HE loves you exactly where you currently are at. 2) He is reaching out to YOU and wants a relatioship with YOU now. 3) He does NOT need YOU to clean YOURSELF up, but to simply call to HIM now. 4) YOU are a body, spirit and soul and need to nourish all three areas.


1) We are here to be a support system in the process of your relationship with HIM. 2) We do this through  a disciplship process. 3)This is faclitated in and through the LOVE of THE FATHER. 4) No judgement and/or condemnation.


1) HE loves YOU just as you are and will meet you right there. 2) Jesus' love is unconditional and is NOT based on your good deeds. 3) Jesus has an amazing purpose that HE has desitned for you. 4) He wants to and will complete the good work that HE  starts in you.

Our Beliefs

Our beliefs are based on scripture and is an attempt to put into words what we believe about The Father. These beliefs reflect the Father's heart and truths of HIS WORD towards people and HIS goodness for us. Each Statement of Belief is followed by references from the Bible and a paragraph of explanation.

Loving God. Loving People.

Meet Our Team

We've all been called to the ministry of reconcilation. We are not about titles, but about being used as instruments for the Father's Business. The difference between the people listed and yourself is that they said "YES" to His call and you haven't yet. We are here to serve, learn, grow and LOVE as HE is LOVE.

Founder – David Stewart

Originally from the south, but migrated to Arizona in January of 1981. I attended college at Mesa Community College and received an AA with the emphasis on Civil Engineering. I’ve owned and operated a landscape and pool construction business in Phoenix Metropolitan area for over 36 years. The Lord dealt with me in February of 2006 about living a life of service to others as well as instilling in me a passion to see His Kingdom manifested here on earth.                                                       I am married to Stacey, who also serves in the local church while supporting me in this effort. We have four children two being incredible adult men and two being lovely young ladies.             In 2006, I had the privilege of witnessing the dead being raised and was thrusted into the most amazing journey with the LORD. While it hasn’t been easy, it’s been a road worth persistent determination to accomplish the task at hand. I have since been involved in various serving capacity and have continued to see many amazing things with through the LORD.                              In October of 2010, I graduated from Rhema Bible College and then attended Charis Bible College in January of 2011, completing my course of studies in May of 2012. I have an incredible passion to see the Church at large begin to function in the full capacity that the LORD intended from the beginning. The Lord Himself said He came to serve and not be served and I’m here to do the same.


Staff Pastor – Kaani Karim

I moved to Arizona from Spokane Washington in 1997 and have lived in the East Valley ever since. Proud parent of two adult children Destinee and Abraham who bring me great joy and happiness. As a fully ordained minister since September 2015, I provide pastoral care services, healing and prayer to those in need. I function as a key member of our healing room Leadership Team contributing to the development and maturity of the body of Christ. I love Jesus and teach word based messages of God's truth and liberty. I maintain unwavering faith and bear witness to the goodness of God's Word not only through my life experiences but in those who I mentor. I strongly believe in Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good to those who love God, who are called according to his purpose". Over the years, I have made an impact in various ministry roles such as a Youth Leader, Prison Minister and Pastor's Assistant.


Holy Ghost Host – Trista Challan


Admin/Manager – Marcus Gutierrez

Raised in California, by my family who raised me in a disciplined and structured home. Which led me to become a personal boot camp instructor who worked with people to discipline their physical body. In 2014 With God’s help I disciplined my life to read the Bible daily and grow in my relationship with the Lord and become a doer of the word. I believe The Lord drew me to Arizona and eventually Jesus made my home here. I believe through learning who God says we all are he sent me on missions to lead many to Jesus through his word, love, and power for his glory and grow more in his love and grace for people. I’ve been to multiple countries like India to focus on strategic Holy Spirit lead ways to win the hearts of people for God’s purpose. I’ve been so blessed to see the beauty of Jesus and I’m humbled to work with this amazing team here at the Arizona healing rooms. The leaders here have the growing love of God for all that are lost to bring Jesus his reward, people into the Kingdom of God, and give the Glory to our Father God.


Marriage Ministry – Larry and Bertha Helsel

We counsel singles and married couples through difficult situations and help develop their relationship with family and friends. We conduct one to one communication and group settings depending on the circumstances by reaching for Jesus as the answer into your life. Our focus is on the Love and faithfulness of the Lord that can bring change in every situation.


Men’s Ministry – Greg Selgrath

Greg was born and raised in Texas. He moved to Arizona in 2001 to accept a position at Intel Corporation where he still works. The Lord has blessed Greg with three amazing sons Elijah, Luke, and Isaac. Greg began attending Arizona Healing Rooms services in April 2020. He desires to become more Christlike every day and to promote the Kingdom of God in transforming himself and others. During his journey in life, Greg has learned the importance of fellowshipping with other men to build each other up in the love, power, and abundant life found only in Christ Jesus.


I have been Married for 36 years a Father of Three, Grandfather of Four and a Chaplain with the Maricopa Jail System since 2010 plus I was ordained a Pastor in the Ministering of Men by Deer Valley Worship Center in 2019. My Mission inside the Jails is to pour into Inmates by sharing the Love of Jesus Christ which leads to Salvation by Grace Ephesians 2:8-9 and the setting the Captives Free Luke 4:18 which leads to Deliverance of Worldly Chains and the realization of Gods work in us which leads to his Righteousness in us when we say yes to his plan. I have been Blessed by the Holy Spirit to lead many Inmates to Christ over the years and will have the Joy of seeing many former Captives now Saints in Heaven for all Eternity, Amen.


Women’s Ministry – Kattie Richardson

Hello everyone I’m Kattie ,here is a little about me and how God changed my life , I love the Lord with all Iam I am married with 3 children , God has been good in my life he has brought me through it all I stand on his promises I know God keeps his word , I love reading the Word of God , I’m blessed to say that God has blessed me to be an encourager to others , I am led by the Holy Spirit my greatest focus is to learn how to love everyday like Jesus loves unconditional to be committed to dying to my own wants and desires and to stay focused on the Father Son and Holy Ghost . I Love the Body of Christ and my job is to keep everyone encouraged in doing what’s right . I accepted Jesus In my heart in 2010. Thank you for your time. Be blessed in Jesus Name .


Outreach – Juan Sanchez

My name is Juan F Sanchez Jr. I'm heading up the Outreaches for the Arizona Healing Rooms ..Street outreach involves moving outside the walls of the church to engage with people experiencing homelessness who may be disconnected and alienated not only from mainstream services and supports, but from the services targeting homeless persons as well..We provide food ,drinks,personnel hygiene, and some time articles of clothing...The best thing we provide for them is JESUS..We minister the Gospel to them and pray for them..Its a Honor for me to be KING JESUS'S instrument. His hands, his feet and his mouth piece..So if you are interested in doing Outreach with us, get in contact with me Thank you Be Blessed always

Come Encounter the Father with us!